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What We Do?

We help ambitious brands bring their ideas to life and share them with a youth audience across the globe.

Using data from our in house student affinity network we have gained insight into the purchase behaviour of the Gen Z youth market. With this we build bespoke marketing campaigns for our brand partners which reach a specific & relevant audience to engage with a brand at the right place and the right time.


Youth Marketing Is Our Future.

Reaching the students of today makes sense for the future. University is a time of life when students are learning to be independent, while living within a large group of influence. It’s a crucial time in their consumer life, filled with excitement to make their own choices and form relationships with brands in all industries for the very first time.

We help students land on their feet by sharing information, news and deals that they need to get them through Uni life. Supporting this with messaging from our brand partners in a way that aligns with both their needs and values, safely builds brand loyalty for the long term.

The result? Your brand becomes the one they turn to above the rest, time and time again.


What We Do.

  • Strategy: Our in house platforms & campaign experience supports strong results in all project types: branding, conversions, or a blend.
  • Student Verification: Grant access to student specific discount campaigns, connect with students, increase both short & long term appeal.
  • Digital Advertising: Paid media on social & search drive scalable, sustainable, and measurable returns on investment.
  • Email Campaigns: Students discover your brand directly in their inbox, with our conversion rate optimised emails and in house network.
  • Social Media: From launch campaigns to year round activations, we use data from our affinity network to drive traceable growth.
  • Brand Ambassadors: Bring the conversation offline with on campus brand ambassador projects up and down the country.
  • Giveaway Activations: Drive widespread virality & engagement with competitions too exciting to turn down.
  • International Reach: Access global youth audiences in areas of both new or existing brand reach, with language forming no barrier.
  • Nano Influencers: On demand access to a network of tens of thousands of student nano/micro influencers.


We Do Things Differently.

Engage A Loyal Audience Built For You

Our Student Affinity Network is built with from expansive and engaged communities, shaped around end goal business objectives. Our Generation Z youth audience are a highly ambitious, passionate & creative community, looking to form connections with brands for the very first time.

The crucial data we gain from our network allows us to direct full funnel marketing communications with precision targeting in the most impactful way.

Tailor Made Brand Amplification Strategy

Every campaign is crafted around the needs of our brand partners, and how they can support students in their journey of independence. We share news and deals directly with students, on campus, to their inbox, or on social media, at a point that resonates with what they, need when they need it.

Engaging students at the windows of opportunity during their journey to independence maximises returns for all levels of investment, and drives a lifetime of customer loyalty, to ensure their first purchase won’t be the last.

Direct Marketing With Student Verification

Brand partners can now instantly validate student status onsite. Acting just like a digital student card this grants access to student specific campaigns and purchase incentives, forming the connection between brand and student.

Why? Directly engaging students through verification increases the connection and appeal of your brand, instantly separating yourself from competitors. Conversion rates increase, cart abandonments decrease, and it guarantees every discounted purchase is made by a verified student.

Precision Marketing Communications

Using our in house Student Affinity Network we can tailor communications to reach an audience based on interest defined data points to make sure specific brand messages resonate with students.


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