UK Market
// Reach, Engage & Sign Up New Users


  • Design a full funnel digital marketing strategy.
  • Incorporate sign up bonus to incentivise growth at scale.
  • Communicate campaign through social media.
  • Support of SEO optimised media articles written for the Student Saviour online hub.
  • Collaborative competitions with Curve.


App Installs
New Account Activations

Our Strategy.

Curve is a Fintech platform that consolidates multiple cards and accounts into one smart card and app, working like a normal bank card that can be used anywhere in the world that accepts MasterCard.

After working with Curve on their UK student programme & out performing all other UK brands combined, Curve came to us to help take their customer acquisition strategy to the next level and to increase their rate of growth beyond the student market. In response, through our expertise, testing and understanding of the market, we identified audiences within various demographics that resonated with the Curve offering. Customising campaigns with relevant content for each demographic. Within these audiences we shared relevant and meaningful content to introduce and explain how Curve benefits users, while fully testing various creatives and incentives to maximise performance across all demographics.

The Result? Working with Curve on a long term full funnel marketing campaign, allowed us to optimise for the best performance within our client needs, every step of the customer journey. In doing so we worked on a collection of brand amplification campaigns using a variety of our tools. Signing up tens of thousands of new members within Curve’s CAC goals.

With the help of our in house affinity network Student Saviour we introduced the brand to a multitude of new, untapped previously markets via organic and paid social media. We then worked with Curve to incorporate a sign up bonus for users, to help incentivise a high engagement growth rate in users. Introducing the business to the UK Gen Z youth market, we also created and promoted a viral competition mechanic for students.


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